We reckon we are the first people to attempt a pub crawl based on the London Underground Jubilee Line, and as far as we know, this is the only website dedicated to that event. Follow us on an alcoholic journey from Stanmore in rural North-West London, through the Capital's central tourist areas, into the Docklands, past the Millennium Dome and finally to Stratford in the East End. It didn't take much planning to do this crawl as there are pubs close to most stations, but you will need all day if you want to follow in our footsteps.

Info For Potential Crawlers:

Time Needed For Crawl: Full Day, Monday to Saturday, 11am - 11pm
Crawl Difficulty: Hard
Best Crawled With: 2 - 7 people, Fast Drinkers.
Amount Of Travel Required: Quite A Lot

Notes: You will have to leave Central London at least 30 minutes prior to the crawl start time in order to get to Stanmore by 11am. It is best to start there and finish at Stratford as you have less distance to travel back to civilisation when drunk at 11pm (or whenever you finish!). You will need a Zones 1-6 London Travelcard for this crawl.

Jubilee Line Pub Crawl Pubs 1-9
Jubilee Line Pub Crawl Pubs 10-18
Jubilee Line Pub Crawl Pubs 19-27

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