Pub 19. Station : Southwark
Pub Name : The Ring
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1905 - 1915

"The Ring" conjures up images of an arse, which would be highly appropriate for this pub. It also spells the end for Bevis' crawl - after one final vodka, he staggers out into the night and home, never to be seen again (that day anyway). For the rest of us though, there's still a long way to go and although I am confident of completing the crawl, urgency is still the key.

The Ring

Pub 20. Station : London Bridge
Pub Name : The George
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1925 - 1935

Time for a bit of history here - The George is a famous Shakespearean pub but we dont really care as we battle towards the bar through the Saturday night throng of revellers. Without a doubt the busiest pub of the crawl, The George also has a massive courtyard where we stand, drink our vodka, and get absolutely soaked while being eyed up suspiciously by the bouncers. This is the end of the day for our Virgin Crawlers - not due to drinking too much but they have a prior engagement in deepest Essex. Hats off to them though - they did well and are up for the next all-day drinking session.

The George

Pub 21. Station : Bermondsey
Pub Name : The Gregorian
PUB FACILITIES:       Time: 1950 - 2000

"Bermondsey!!!", the automated voice on the train exclaims as we pull into this centre of engineering excellence. The pub aint bad either although Mr Darkman and Jamie look worried as I order triple vodkas (special offer - I couldn't resist!). We catch up on the days football results on the big screen and bask in a glow of complacency as we are all sure we will complete the crawl. However, I don't bank on nearly being killed in the next pub...

The Gregorian

Pub 22. Station : Canada Water
Pub Name : The Surrey Docks
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 2015 - 2030

Note for future crawlers - there is no pub near Canada Water station!!!! Jump on the East London Line one stop to Surrey Quays and sample the delights of The Surrey Docks, another Wetherspoons. Word of warning though - DO NOT SPILL ANYONE ELSE'S BEER HERE!! Even if they have been incredibly foolish and placed their pint on a one inch wide ledge where people are likely to want to walk past, you must assume they are God and bow down to them. Fair enough, he saw the funny side in the end, but I was lucky to come out alive... Rugby players and all that!

The Surrey Docks

Pub 23. Station : Canary Wharf
Pub Name : Slug And Lettuce
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 2055 - 2100

A snap decision, and we choose the Slug And Lettuce over the adjacent All Bar One, and that is nothing to do with the quality of barmaids oooh no! In fact, the lass who served us was very chatty and seemed really impressed how long we'd been drinking for, not to mention being really fit! We asked her to join us for the last few pubs but she didn't finish until 11pm - maybe next year! We receive a jolt back to reality when Jamie notices we only have two hours until last orders, and the Dome is next...

Slug And Lettuce

Pub 24. Station : North Greenwich
Pub Name : The Pilot Inn
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 2120 - 2130

We did a dry run of this part of the crawl and although Jamie assured me there was a pub near the Dome, we didn't find it. After stumbling out of North Greenwich tube station, I didn't hold out much hope for getting alcohol here but after walking down a deserted road for five minutes (this IS the Dome after all!), we found a veritable Oasis - The Pilot Inn. I don't know where all the people came from, they certainly hadn't been visiting the nearby tourist attraction, but this is a friendly little place, spoiled only by three drunken pub crawlers spilling beer all over the table!

The Pilot Inn

Pub 25. Station : Canning Town
Pub Name : Princess Alexandra
PUB FACILITIES:   Time: 2200 - 2205

Three from the end, and it all looks like it is going to go horribly wrong! Time is very much against us anyway by now, but finding the nearest pub closed, the next one demolished, the third one on a lock-in and the fourth closed again, we think its over. What the hell is it with this town? After running nearly a mile down the road, we finally find somewhere open and, legs very much aching, we clatter in to the Princess Alexandra which consists of a shelf acting as a bar and a few plastic chairs! Undeterred, we down our drinks and leg it back to the station although falling down the escalator does little to improve my ever failing physical health! Two pubs to go... 40 minutes... its going to be very close.

Princess Alexandra

Pub 26. Station : West Ham
Pub Name : The Spreadeagle
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 2225 - 2230

West Ham was always going to be dodgy, but after running through a darkened housing estate at 1030pm to get here, then downing vodkas before leaving in a similar hurry, its no wonder we get some funny looks! The people here are nice enough though... especially the comical pool-playing, beer swilling, karaoke singing granny. Shame we are in such a hurry as I love karaoke!

The Spreadeagle

Pub 27. Station : Stratford
Pub Name : The Goldengrove
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 2250 - 2320

It was a choice - run back to the station, wait for the next train to Stratford, then run to the last pub, or run all the way. Despite already being knackered, we opted to run. And run. And run. Even though none of us knew exactly where we were going, in best Treasure Hunt fashion, we flagged down a few friendly passers-by who pointed us in the right direction. The time was 2250 and we could see the pub - 30 seconds later and we were there - at the bar of this final pub of the crawl to end all crawls, and ordering pints. The bar staff looked pretty impressed as to how long we'd been drinking for, and thankfully that didnt stop them serving us - we did it!!!! Jamie and I drank alcohol in a pub at every station on the Jubilee Line and we reckon we are the first people to do that - I'm pretty sure we won't be the last though. Overall, One Amazing Day (and better than a trip to the Dome!).

The Goldengrove

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