Pub 10. Station : West Hampstead
Pub Name : The Rat And Parrot
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1455 - 1500

Law and order is gradually breaking down as half the group are starving while the other half reckon we don't have time to eat! I grab a sneaky tuna roll from a sandwich shop as we leg it from the station and munch discreetly in the pub while everyone else drinks. Downing another vodka as we leave, I wait with our Virgin Crawlers as they stop for a sandwich while everyone else goes into the station. To our horror though, they have already caught a train and none of us left have a clue where the next pub is!

The Rat And Parrot

Pub 11. Station : Finchley Road
Pub Name : The North Star
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 1510 - 1520

Our little breakaway group eventually catch the rest up and we spend ten minutes here entertaining the local hardened drinkers with tales of pub crawl woe and heroism. We get wished good luck as we leave for the next pub, on foot as it happens since we are half way there anyway. Bevis tries to get to McDonalds but is unable to cross the road in a straight line.

The North Star

Pub 12. Station : Swiss Cottage
Pub Name : The Olde Swiss Cottage
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1530 - 1540

We weren't sure if it was the alcohol, or if this place was just really weird! From the outside, this pub looks just like, well, an old Swiss Cottage, and the inside was just the same! Loads of foreign beers were on offer but being in a hurry we went for the vodka again. The tube station was just around the corner from here, and had loads of echoey corridors just perfect for shouting WAZZZUUUP at each other!

The Olde Swiss Cottage

Pub 13. Station : St Johns Wood
Pub Name : Princess Royal
PUB FACILITIES:       Time: 1550 - 1600

Nearly half way point, and the time when decisions were made which would see some of us actually make it to the end of the crawl. Jamie reckoned we were drinking too slowly and decided to go off and head to the next pub alone in the hope we'd all follow, but we were all too busy being chatted up by the middle-aged barmaid, so we stayed put. After ten minutes, Bevis and I decided to make a move for the next pub, leaving Mr Darkman babysitting the Virgin Crawlers.

Princess Royal

Pub 14. Station : Baker Street
Pub Name : The Metropolitan Bar
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1625 - 1640

What would we do without the old buses with no doors when on London pub crawls? Be a lot safer, I reckon, as I jump off slightly too quickly at Baker Street and nearly land on top of a pensioner with five Poundstretcher bags. We find Jamie loitering in McDonalds and, two cheeseburgers later, stagger into the Met Bar (no, not THAT one) looking for the others. They roll up five minutes later and, after moaning at us for leaving them in the last pub, get even more pissed off as we down our vodkas and move on to the next pub, and more alcohol...

The Metropolitan Bar

Pub 15. Station : Bond Street
Pub Name : The Hog In The Pound
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1700 - 1715

Sitting waiting for us here is another veteren pub crawler, although he is only here to see how we're doing (when you are 65, your not really up to drinking all day!). Mike wished us well and we pressed on quickly from this hotbed of tourist action, into the ever increasing sunset. No sign of the rest of them here though... only three of us remain.

The Hog In The Pound

Pub 16. Station : Green Park
Pub Name : Shelleys
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1740 - 1800

An old Monopoly pub crawl favourite, we ditch the ridiculously expensive Pitcher and Piano for the equally ridiculously expensive Shelleys. Jamie and I help Bevis to win 6 quid on the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" machine which just about pays for his vodka and orange. Night is rapidly falling across London and despite my optimism about getting to Stratford by 11pm, Jamie isn't so sure. From here on, we leave the "old" Jubilee Line and move onto the whizzy shiny new extension, with whizzy shiny new pubs(!).


Pub 17. Station : Westminster
Pub Name : The Old Red Lion
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1805 - 1815

No sign of Tony Blair and chums round here, but we do find Mr Darkman and the Virgin Crawlers sitting here patiently waiting for us, having missed out the last pub. This is another old Monopoly pub, but from here on, we moving into uncharted waters towards East London. Bevis is looking a little worse for drink wear by this point, but we persude him to carry on, in the spirit of all good pub crawls.

The Old Red Lion

Pub 18. Station : Waterloo
Pub Name : The Wellington
PUB FACILITIES:       Time: 1825 - 1835

As a thank you for not being sick, we let Bevis choose this pub and he picks wisely as this is one of the best pubs on the crawl. They also have fruit machines positioned about two feet off the ground which, although initially confusing, doesn't stop us playing them. There are loads of studenty type people here and its a nice atmosphere but in only a few short minutes, its back out into the now pelting rain and down the escalator (head first in my case) towards the platforms and the next stop.

The Wellington

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