Pub 1. Station : Stanmore
Pub Name : The Man In The Moon
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1100 - 1120

Five of our group get here ready to start at 11am, while me and Bevis dash in at quarter past, down a vodka and orange, then join the rest as they head out to the bus stop for transport to pub number 2. We take the number xx bus down xx Road towards Canons Park station which we reckon would be quicker than walking back to Stanmore station, except this is irrelevant since when we get there, the pub is shut!

The Man In The Moon

Pub 2. Station : Canons Park
Pub Name : The Green Man
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 1200 - 1205

"Ohno, we've failed!" is the general feeling here when we find that both pubs are closed at 1130am! The sign on The Green Man says it will open at 12 though, so we decide to kick our heels here until then rather than go searching for another possibly non-existant drinking establishment. At 12 on the dot, we all pile in, down our drinks, and pile out again, much to the bemusement of the bar staff...

The Green Man

Pub 3. Station : Queensbury
Pub Name : The Curraigh
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1215 - 1220

Another bus ride through leafy North London, and we arrive at Queensbury in good time. More vodka is consumed and we attempt to leave this pseudo Irish bar within three minutes, thwarted only by the errant fruit machine players in our group, although at this stage, not actually me! Queensbury station is just across the roundabout, and for the first time on the crawl proper, we are on the Jubilee Line, after playing dodge the cars.

The Curraigh

Pub 4. Station : Kingsbury
Pub Name : JJ Moons
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1235 - 1240

Everyone's favourite tube line whisks us to the next stop, and after accosting a pensioner to take a photo of us all (which he fails miserably to do), its a race to the bar so the half-pint drinkers can order first and have more drinking time. More fruit machines are played, but we still get away from this average Wetherspoons within five minutes and onto the next bar... Passers by are starting to wonder what Krypton Factor style game show we are actually doing today!

JJ Moons

Pub 5. Station : Wembley Park
Pub Name : The Crock Of Gold
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1250 - 1255

Being lucky and never having long to wait for trains, we get here reasonably on schedule although some people are expressing doubts as to whether we will complete the crawl. Bevis and Jamie go to "The Torch" just up the road, while the rest of us stop here and marvel at the local talent. Or not, as the case in fact was.

Wembley Park

Pub 6. Station : Neasden
Pub Name : The Outside Inn
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1315 - 1325

Not actually anywhere near the station, The Outside Inn is a large Wetherspoons with the usual friendly atmosphere, fruit machines and of course cheap drinks! Ten minutes are spent here arguing that we are going too fast and some people cannot keep up drinking at this speed, but the group leaves intact and we try to find a bus. After passing through a maze tunnels under the main road, we find the stop for the xx to Dollis Hill which takes ages and is full of pensioners.

The Outside Inn

Pub 7. Station : Dollis Hill
Pub Name : Ned Kellys
PUB FACILITIES:       Time: 1355 - 1405

The alcohol is kicking in now as we reach this wannabe gangster pub, and Mr Darkman feels right at home with his Blues Brother style hat! Some people are starting to feel hungry but we dont have time for food yet. All too soon, we have to leave this Irn Bru coloured pub and bus it to the next one. Bevis fantasizes about the nearby bus garage while we jump on a number xx towards Willesden Green and terrorize the local teenage girls with very cheesy chat up lines.

Ned Kellys

Pub 8. Station : Willesden Green
Pub Name : Ceili On The Green
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1420 - 1425

I'm sure this pub struck me at the time as being crap, but I can't remember exactly why. Everyone is now drinking shots for speed and ease of drinking, but the fruit machines playing carries on regardless. Someone realises a third of the day has gone already and we have 19 pubs to go, so we drink up and head for the tube.

Ceili On The Green

Pub 9. Station : Kilburn
Pub Name : North London Tavern
PUB FACILITIES:       Time: 1435 - 1440

Panic sets in here as we lose the crawl organiser, but mobile phones come to the rescue and we find him grinning at us from the other side of the road, having used the other station exit! We troop down to what is actually quite a good pub, and we would have spent longer here had we not been constantly behind schedule! Vodkas are downed, and we bounce back to the station fuelled by a an alcohol induced desire to complete the crawl...

North London Tavern

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