Pub 1. Station : Harrow and Wealdstone
Pub Name : The Sarsen Stone
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1115 - 1130

This crawl was always going to be a challenge, so we aimed to get to the first pub bang on opening time ready to be in and out again within a few minutes. Things didnt quite work to plan though, as we'd been out drinking the night before, so getting to Harrow and Wealdstone only 15 minutes late wasn't that bad!! The Sarsen Stone is a long thin Wetherspoons pub, and despite being empty, the barmaid seemed to take ages noticing Jamie and serving us. The first of the Guinness Promo leaflets of the day were filled in here (It was St Patricks Day after all!) before we moved on and back to the station, narrowly avoiding getting run over at the funny little roundabout outside.

The Sarsen Stone

Pub 2. Station : Kenton
Pub Name : Travellers Rest
PUB FACILITIES:    Time: 1210 - 1220

We lost quite a lot of time at the station waiting for a train on to Kenton, as the first Bakerloo tube to arrive just turned around and went back empty, then it took ages for the next one to come!!! Eventually we arrived at the second pub - a cavernous place called The Travellers Rest - and ordered some more drinks, which disturbed the bar staff from their Saturday lunchtime slumber. It was my round, and also one of the most expensive of the whole day. As we left, the heavens opened - that'll teach us for doing pub crawls outside of summer!

Travellers Rest

Pub 3. Station : South Kenton
Pub Name : The Windermere
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 1225 - 1235

The trains worked to our favour this time, so we made it from Kenton to South Kenton in less than ten minutes. We'd seen The Windermere pub here on the way up to Harrow and Wealdstone, but it was like we needed a map to actually find our way inside, since although the lights were on, every door seemed locked! Eventually we found an entrance, and ordered our third round of the day which we drank while answering questions from an eager five year old about what we were doing. Declining his kind invitation to stay and play pool with him all afternoon, we headed back out into the rain and back to the station, once again just missing a train.

The Windermere

Pub 4. Station : North Wembley
Pub Name : Bootsy Brogans
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1245 - 1255

This was our first Irish Pub of the day, although with it only being 1pm, it was still as dead as the last three places we'd been to! The staff were clearly up for a good night though, as they were all spraying their hair bright green! (I wasn't drunk enough by this stage to join in!). This was the kind of pub you could happily stay in all day, and it also sold food, but as we were on a tight schedule, we had to drink up and move on. The rain was thanfully starting to ease up by now, and you could feel you'd had a few drinks as once again the cars whistled past us in the middle of the road.

Bootsy Brogans

Pub 5. Station : Wembley Central
Pub Name : The Curragh
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1310 - 1325

The Curragh

Pub 6. Station : Stonebridge Park
Pub Name : The Innisfree
PUB FACILITIES:     Time: 1345 - 1400

The Innisfree

Pub 7. Station : Harlesden
Pub Name : Grand Junction Arms
PUB FACILITIES:       Time: 1420 - 1435

Grand Junction Arms

Pub 8. Station : Willesden Junction
Pub Name : Dunnings Bar
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 1500 - 1510

Dunnings Bar

Pub 9. Station : Kensal Green
Pub Name : Masons Arms
PUB FACILITIES:      Time: 1530 - 1545

Masons Arms

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